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What our customers are saying about us:

The coaches are absolutely amazing! They are kind and patient and give the kids the best encouragement! Definitely recommended especially if your kid is afraid of water/swimming.

Ronelle Perumal

Really a newbie but I am very impressed with the way the coaches motivate the children. I am especially impressed with the level of excitement they seem to conjure up. Looking forward to being with them for quite some time.

Samantha Weppleman

What an awesome team.!!!…Rayne and Carrie…the most kind and patient duo who always encourage my kids to build confidence in the water
…from shy and scared…..they are now diving into the pool….fearlessly….thank you for everything you do….and a special thank you to Louise for always being on the ball with keeping track of admin and catchup lessons…this helps alot….


Our kids go there and they are awesome. They especially love Coach Carrie!


The patience with my daughter who was a beginner with them has come home and taught me a few things

Sissy Ndlovu

they took a terrified little boy and turned him into a confident little man would refer every one to them

Desrae Davis